Plan your pirogue expedition across Madagascar’s rivers with complete peace of mind.

For you fans of off-the-beaten-track adventures, canoeing along rivers offers a wealth of opportunities. Imposing rivers meander through breathtaking landscapes. Come aboard and explore the abundant biodiversity, activities and culture of Madagascar. Choose the best time of year for the weather. Learn about the safety rules to be observed downstream of the boat, and the recommended itineraries along the rivers.

Plan your trip by learning about rivers first.

Each itinerary offers its own wonders and possible adventures. A unique experience unfolds before you, from the beauty of the landscape to the encounters and the richness of the biodiversity.

The Tsiribihina :

One of the most popular is the Tsiribihina in western Madagascar. The crossing reveals a captivating array of cliffs, dense forests, gorges and diverse flora and fauna. Overnight bivouacs add to the adventure. Dinners featuring crabs and freshwater fish are concocted with local know-how. Set off from Masiankapy, in the Menabe region.

The Manambolo :

“The Manambolo winds its way through the highlands of Madagascar. Mysterious, it reveals canyons and caves. Its reputation rests mainly on its fossils and fascinating archaeological sites. Admire the rock formations known as “tsingy”. Visit caves with stalactites and stalagmites. Pass through vegetation revealing the diverse fauna along the banks. From Akanavandra to the Tsingy du Bemaraha, overnight stays in bivouacs cradle your adventures.

The Mangoky :

In south-west Madagascar, the longest river, the Mangoky, captivates you. It forms the famous Mangoky delta, dividing into branches. The descent begins at Beroroka and ends at Ambiky Bevoay. This is the perfect opportunity to meet exotic birds and sunbathing crocodiles. Herons, egrets and kingfishers keep you company. Discover huge baobabs and lemurs climbing the cliffs. Finally, relax in a thermal spring. Along the shore, interact with the local population.

The Betsiboka :

The reddish-colored Betsiboka River is located in northwestern Madagascar. It flows through mangroves, geological formations and rice paddies. Local fishermen await you on the banks. The Betsiboka adventure begins in Maevatanana, heading towards the sea. This journey takes you through the coastal landscape of northwest Madagascar. Learn about baobab trees, hardwoods and medicinal plants. Birds, reptiles, tenrecs, iguanas and snakes make up the web of fauna.

Ready for a pirogue adventure? Weather, equipment and safety: the keys to your success!

  • Choose the right period for your adventure, depending on weather conditions. Madagascar is characterized by regional climates. Find out more. Weather influences river levels.
  • Use the right equipment for your expedition. Choose a stable, powerful boat. Quality oars are recommended. The following list is very important: lifejacket, safety kit, ropes, waterproof bags (to protect your belongings).
  • Comply with safety rules and regulations, and consult local guides. Pay attention to the recommendations of local residents. Avoid overloading
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