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Inauguration of the RAINILAIARIVONY museum in Amboditsiry.

On Tuesday, April 18, 2023, the Rainilaiarivony Museum was inaugurated in Amboditsiry, in the presence of the President of the Republic. On the occasion of the International Day of Monuments and Sites, this event also coincided with the 195th anniversary of the birth of the last Prime Minister of the Malagasy royal era.

Know the history and rehabilitation of the residence of Amboditsiry.

Rainilaiarivony, who ruled the country for 31 years, was the husband of the last three queens of Madagascar.

The Amboditsiry residence, which became national property since September 4, 1978 following the purchase of the Prime Minister’s descendants by the state. It is undergoing a rehabilitation in 2019 until 2022.

The Rainilaiarivony Museum is an example of how historical sites can be transformed into tourist attractions to promote cultural tourism. It attracts local and international visitors eager to learn about the history and culture of Madagascar. Mr. Joël RANDRIAMANDRANTO, Minister of Tourism, present at this ceremony, affirms the determination to progress in the tourism industry.

Discover the opening and operation of the museum for those curious about history.

April 30, 2023 is the date when the public could visit the site. During the week, except on Mondays, the museum will be open at an access of 500ar for residents, and 5000ar for foreign tourists.

The museum has economic, cultural and educational objectives. According to the Minister of Communication, the transformation of the Amboditsiry residence into a museum aims to develop the economic and cultural attraction while enriching education. The museum is thus among the tourist sites to visit in Antananarivo. It is the third major renovation undertaken by the regime.

What are the contents and curiosities of the Rainilaiarivony Museum.

The museum allows visitors to discover Rainilaiaraivony as a statesman and as a man. It also includes a projection room tracing the life of Madagascar’s longest-serving statesman. The gallery features artworks and handicrafts that reflect the richness of Malagasy culture.

Visitors can see sculptures, paintings, fabrics and other objects that represent the diversity and creativity of Malagasy artists. The museum houses rare artifacts and historical documents that give visitors a better understanding of Madagascar’s history and culture. It also features interactive and multimedia exhibits that provide an immersive experience for visitors.

President Rajoelina said at the inauguration that knowledge of history is a source of national pride. The culture and the history accomplish the identity of a country. Thus, the promotion of culture and heritage is today a perpetual work in progress. A space for the sale of souvenir items bearing the effigy of Rainilaiarivony, such as t-shirts, pens and mugs, is also available.

By offering a quality experience to local and foreign visitors, the Rainilaiarivony Museum could gain international recognition and enhance Madagascar’s reputation as a cultural destination. This can help strengthen diplomatic and economic relations between Madagascar and other countries.

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