Geckos, Iguanas and Chameleons.

The Chameleons :

Chameleons are among Madagascar’s other princes of endemism. Around two-thirds of the world’s chameleon species are found here. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. For example, there is the Parson’s chameleon, which often exceeds 50 cm in length, the unicorn chameleons, and the very archaic Brookesia, the smallest of which doesn’t reach 2 cm without its tail. There are even myths and stories about these creatures.

The Malagasy say of their independent eyes that one looks into the future and the other into the past. Their sudden appearance is often seen as a sign of misfortune in local culture.

Geckos and Iguanas :

Geckos should not be confused with chameleons. Geckos are lizards known for their suction-cup fingers, often found on the walls of our homes. Madagascar is home to a diverse array of geckos, including the well-known diurnal species of the genus Phelsuma, recognized for their shiny green coloration with red spots. Among them, there are also remarkably mimetic species that resemble tree bark, such as the Uroplatus. Additionally, the Geckolepis megolepis sheds its skin and scales to evade predators when threatened.

In addition, the Chalarodon and Oplurus lizards, typical of the arid environments in the west and south of the island, are iguanas with affinities to those of the American continent.

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