Malagasy’s favorite drinks

Tempting, find out all the types of Malagasy drinks.

Enjoy the drinks produced and consumed in Madagascar. Malagasy drinks can be traditional, modern or hybrid. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are listed. They are made from local ingredients.

Let’s get to know the traditional and modern Malagasy alcoholic drinks

According to the origin of manufacture, notice the denominations for each drink.

What are these artisanal alcoholic drinks?

The Taoka gasy: an alcoholic beverage made from the fermentation of sugar cane and other ingredients, is the most popular in every corner of Antananarivo. A distillation gives a sweet, slightly perfumed rum. Culturally, this drink is served on many occasions, such as weddings, funerals, religious ceremonies and traditional celebrations. As a sign of respect, it is served to welcome guests.

Betsabetsa, native to the eastern part of Madagascar, is an alcohol obtained from the fermentation of cane juice. A metal machine pushed manually extracts the cane juice. The bark of the “fatraina” (a plant) incorporated and cooked with it, activates the fermentation and gives it its yellow color. Main drink at every ritual or meeting, it holds a great place in the family.

In the Betsileo region, the toaka Gasy is surnamed Galeoka, it is so much taken at the time of festival or event with great importance.

Modern alcoholic beverages

Speaking of modern alcoholic beverages, these include wine and beer. Exquisite, Malagasy wine attracts many wine consumers. New grape varieties allow a wine making technique adapted to the local climate. The production of wine is growing rapidly for the happiness of consumers in Madagascar. On the other hand, in full expansion, the Malagasy beer is displayed with pride. Industrial or artisanal breweries produce them. The slightly fruity and sweet taste, with a moderate effervescence, confers the refreshing character of this drink. The THB, the skol, the craft beer (called “apango” red rice beer) are among many other denominations.

There are also other drinks: such as the arranged rum which constitutes an alcoholic drink in which fruits and / or spices confer a distinct taste. Malagasy whiskey made from cereal, is consumed mixed with soft drinks.
The rum factory of Madagascar, represented by Dzama offers these types of rum.

Let’s talk about a non-alcoholic drink

Fruit juices and lemonades are also very popular in Madagascar. Rich in exotic fruits, Malagasy juices are made from local fruits, such as lime, tamarind, pomegranates, mango, papaya, guava and pineapple. Lemonades are often consumed as soft drinks, and are similarly used to make cocktails and soft drinks.

A bright future is on the horizon for beverages in Madagascar

In recent years a positive outlook for the future of the beverage industry or artisanal beverage manufacturing in Madagascar is in sight. An increase in demand is emerging. An expansion of efforts to strengthen the country’s beverage brand is taking place. The aim is to highlight the quality and diversity of unique flavors.

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