Miavana by Time + Tide

Miavana by Time + Tide on Nosy Ankao combines ultra-luxury with natural beauty, defining secluded, high-end living.

About the resort

Located on the largest island of the Nosy Akao archipelago, off Madagascar’s northeast coast, Miavana is accessible solely by helicopter from Diego Suarez and Nosy Be airports. Conceived as a private villa sanctuary by entrepreneur Jean Christophe 30 years ago, this archipelago remains a natural paradise worth exploring. The hotel, an epitome of luxury, starts its rates at $2,900 per person per night, offering a unique blend of vacation cottage charm and bright modernism. Situated within a 15,000-hectare marine protected area, Miavana is an imagined luxury oasis amidst an azure sea. Its 14 beachfront villas with private pools showcase a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary styles, creating an environment of elegance. The hotel’s proximity to a seaweed farm highlights its commitment to sustainable tourism.

Highlighted activities

What you'll love

Miavana permits a thrilling array of adventures in its protected marine reserve, including diving and snorkeling to explore vibrant marine life. The resort allows for water sports like kiteboarding and ocean safaris, trekking tours to see Madagascar's lemurs, and scenic helicopter rides over the equatorial forest. Additionally, Miavana showcases unique collections ranging from natural artifacts to historical relics. It also provides opportunities for active pursuits like kayaking, paddleboarding, kitesurfing, quad biking, and helicopter tours, complemented by expert recommendations for the best seasonal experiences.

Restaurant service

Miavana's restaurant, illuminated by glass domes, offers a variety of dining areas. It emphasizes Malagasy gastronomy, using seasonal, local ingredients for its diverse menu, including seafood and local produce. Dining experiences range from romantic dinners under the stars to beachside lunches. The resort also features a Culinary Curiosities studio, showcasing the richness of Madagascar's culinary and cultural treasures.

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