Ring-Tailed Mongoose

The ring-tailed mongoose is one of the endemic carnivores of Madagascar. It is classified among the family Eupleridae and the only member of the genus Galidia, really active during the day it is probably the species of carnivore easiest to find in Madagascar.

General information about the Ring-tailed Mongoose of Madagascar :

The ring-tailed mongoose is a small carnivorous mammal that measures about 38 cm long plus a tail that measures about 30 cm. Its weight varies between 700 to 900 g.

We can easily distinguish it due to its elongated and thin body, its round head with an airy snout, completed by small and round ears. You will not risk not to see it during your passage in Ranomafana or in certain specific park in Madagascar. It has a fur mostly of dark red color with olive tints for the head, the throat and the chest. Its legs and its legs are of brown or black color.

It is also identifiable by its bushy tail with black and red rings. In Madagascar there are three subspecies of these mongooses which differ slightly by their coloration and their geographical repartition. We find: Galidia elegans elegans, Galidia elegans occidentalis, Galidia elegans dambresis.

What you need to know about ring-tailed mongoose:

The ring-tailed mongoose is one of the carnivorous species of Madagascar. Extremely agile and swimmer it feeds on small mammals, insects, reptiles, fishes, and also eggs and fruits and like its big cousin the Fossa of Madagascar, it can also attack poultry houses of the inhabitants which is situated in their natural habitat zone.

It is mainly active during the day and spends most of its time on the ground, but is also able to climb trees and swim occasionally.and at night it takes refuge in quickly dug burrows or in hollow trees.

Unlike most other mongooses, the ring-tailed mongoose is less social and is usually found alone or in small groups.And no doubt like many other mongooses, it marks its territory by using its large anal gland to secrete its scent on rocks and trees.

The breeding season of the ring-tailed mongoose takes place between April and November. And after a gestation period of between 52 and 90 days, the mother gives birth to a single young weighing about 50 g on average. The young reach their physical maturity at one year and their sexual maturity at about 2 years.

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