What to visit and do in Antananarivo?

Antananarivo and its surroundings, vibrant and animated cities, are full of sites to discover. To get souvenir products, the markets with tourist attractions take place for your satisfaction.

Beautiful places to visit in Antananarivo:

These places allow to reach your expectations on all facets:

The queen’s palace :

Located on a hill, the Queen’s Palace of Antananarivo, is a historical monument built for the royal residence of Madagascar in the 17th century. The splendid panoramic sight offered, carries you in the realization of a dream.

The Botanical and Zoological Park of Tsimbazaza :

Pic by : Josias RAZAFINDREZA

The Botanical and Zoological Park of Tsimbazaza, a showcase of fauna and flora endemic to Madagascar. The park offers educational activities and exhibitions for an awareness of environmental conservation.

Tsarasaotra Park :

The park of Tsarasaotra, a unique place for you, wishing to discover the avifauna Madagascar. Place, privileged for the ornithologists and the nature lovers, it shelters more than 50 species of birds.

Museum of Art and Archaeology :

The Antananarivo Museum of Art and Archaeology opens, revealing a wide variety of art. Wood and stone sculptures, textiles, jewelry, paintings and photographs engage you in learning about Madagascar. The archaeological collections interpret artifacts from different periods of Madagascar’s history. Stone tools, pottery and metal objects are among the exhibits.

Lake Anosy :

Lake Anosy, in the center of the city, provides a place to relax with the view of the restaurants and cafes in its vicinity.

Explore the markets and go shopping :

Localities for this purpose transport you in the embarrassment of the choices, namely:

Gare de Soarano :

Gare de Soarano, a historical monument, colonial style, former railway station, houses a market for shopping. Stores offering clothes, jewelry, accessories, handicrafts and souvenirs balance what you are looking for.

Analakely market :

The market of analakely, animated and colorful, realizes an excellent place for the visitors. You can find fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, spices, clothes, jewelry, bags, woven baskets, carved wooden objects…. You will discover the flower market. Near analakely, it offers for the purchase of fresh and colored flowers, plants, seeds and gardening accessories.

The handicraft market :

In the open air, on the dike of Antananarivo, another market of souvenir items suggests its artisanal productions. Sculptures, fabrics, jewels, paintings, musical instruments, leather bags, baskets, are in the list.

Tana Waterfront Shopping :

The Tana Waterfront Shopping Center, a modern complex, describes restaurants, cinemas, stores and a breathtaking view of a lake.

Discover the surroundings of Antananarivo:

The twelve sacred hills :

Ambohimanga Madagascar

The twelve sacred hills of Antananarivo, a historical place from the royal era, tell the story of Madagascar. They deserve your visits. The hill of Ambohimanga, home to the Rova (royal residence) is among these 12 hills. Classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO, Ambohimanga is also known as the birthplace and residence of King Andrianampoinimerina.

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