Where is Madagascar?

Discover where exactly the big island of Madagascar is located. If you imagine one day to make a small unforgettable vacation in Madagascar, it is important to know some geographical information about the island.

Do you often wonder where Madagascar is? Which continent is it?

Or maybe you’ve already heard of the famous cartoon “Madagascar” or “The Penguins of Madagascar”, but you have no idea where it is located. Don’t worry, we will explain to you where exactly Madagascar is located.

Madagascar is located in the southern hemisphere of the globe. It is included in the African continent. It is easily recognized by its “big left foot” shape on maps.

This island, often called the Red Island or the Big Island, lies to the east of the African continent from which it is separated by the 400 kilometers of the Mozambique Canal.

Its capital is Antananarivo and its people are the Malagasy. The official language for communication is Malagasy and the second most common language is “French”.

And for your information, there is no Lion in Madagascar or giraffes and hippos. Are animal far are the “lemurs”. And the biggest predator that lives in Madagascar are the Fossa.

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