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How to prepare your trip to Madagascar?

How to prepare your trip to Madagascar
You've planned to travel to Madagascar and you need help to arrange everything? It's true that it's not easy to organize trips to a country that you're not used to going to for the first time. But don't worry we're here to help you. Organizing trips to Madagascar is our specialty.

Birdwatching in Madagascar

Real sanctuary of the nature, madagascar is a big ornithological site .As opposed to other African countries, Madagascar has relatively few species of birds, only 265 species are recorded. However, Madagascar has the most endemic genera, 37 and its 120 endemic species include 5 endemic families and 1 endemic subfamily.

Malagasy Culture

Malagasy people
Madagascar is a fascinating and mysterious island with unimaginable resources. The Malagasy people and their culture cannot be described in one word. There's so much to say that a thousand words can't describe the richness and beauty of the culture of this island. Highly varied, the culture of this country is the fruit of a sweet mixture of several cultures coming from the 4 corners of the world.