Antananarivo private day tour

A private one-day tour of Antananarivo that will immerse you in the history and culture of Madagascar through its emblematic sites, ideal for those with little time but who want to discover the essence of the country.

Antananarivo day tour

Are you passionate about culture and history, but have less time to explore the whole of Madagascar? Then Antananarivo is the ideal destination for you. With its historical relics, museums and private parks, you can learn more about the whole of Madagascar.

  • Visit downtown Antananarivo: Built in the early colonial era, downtown Antananarivo reflects the city’s contemporary atmosphere. You’ll discover sites such as the old Soarano station, Avenue de l’Indépendance, the Hôtel de Ville and the Analakely market.
  • Musée de la photographie d’Andohalo: The only one of its kind in Antananarivo, the Musée de la Photographie exhibits a vast collection of photos of Madagascar dating from 1860 to 1960. You can also enjoy screenings of short films retracing the history of the city and Madagascar during this period.
  • The Queen’s Palace or Rova of Antananarivo: Recently refurbished and rebuilt, the Rova of Antananarivo is a set of royal enclosures that were occupied by kings and queens from 1610 until 1896. Here you can discover newly renovated palaces, tombs, a temple and relics from an ancient era. What’s more, you’ll enjoy a lovely view over the entire city of Antananarivo.
  • Ambohimanga Rova : Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Ambohimanga Rova is a pilgrimage site consisting of a collection of sacred sites, a royal city, and a funerary site. For many years, it has preserved a significant part of the Merina kingdom’s identity.

Antananarivo and its surrounding

Your guide will pick you up early in the morning, depending on your location. A brief introduction to your day trip will be given before departing for Ambohimanga Rova, if you haven’t already done so. We’ll then head to the sacred hill of Ambohimanga, some 24 km from downtown Antananarivo. On arrival, you’ll have a choice of tours. You can opt for a one-hour guided tour to simply discover the royal enclosure, or choose a more comprehensive itinerary of over 3 hours to explore the fourteen entrance gates surrounding the Rova (7 old and 7 new erected by Andrianampoinimerina). Your guide will also tell you all about the history of the Rova and its gates.

After your visit, you can have lunch in one of the restaurants located around the hill, which offer excellent specialties of Malagasy cuisine such as Ravitoto sy Hena, Vary Amin’anana sy kitoza,…. There’s plenty for you to enjoy.

In the afternoon, we’ll continue our tour of Antananarivo, visiting several sites in the city center. We’ll start at the old Soarano station, which has now been converted into a store but still retains its original architecture. We’ll then take the road from the grand avenue de l’Indépendance to Antananarivo’s Hôtel de Ville. We’ll also visit the Analakely market to discover the daily life of the Malagasy people and the bustle of the local market, then head up to the upper town for a guided tour of the photography museum and the Queen’s Palace. You’ll be amazed by the magnificent panoramic views from here.At the end of the day you’ll be dropped off at the place of your choice.

  • Tourist Tax
  • Entrance fees in the tourist sites 
  • A private car with driver-guide
  • Fuel
  • Madagascar Insurance
  • Local guides in Ambohimanga
  • International flights
  • VISA
  • Personal expenses
  • Gratuities
  • Lunch during the visit (Unless a change is requested)
  • Any International Travel Insurance
  • Your guides: Depending on the type of trip you choose, you will be accompanied by a certified English-speaking guide.
  • Vivy Travel Madagascar only organizes private trips unless otherwise requested by the clients.
  • Be Careful, there are Fady or taboos to respect in the Rova or palaces that we will visit. Please take note of them and adhere to them for a smooth visit. Your guide is at your disposal to provide you with all the necessary information before the start of your visit.

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