Month May 2023

Madagascar’s spellbinding ritual ceremonies

Madagascar, the cradle of a rich culture, evokes a number of ritual ceremonies. Discover these customs and traditions. They occupy a central place, testifying to the cultural essence of the island. During your trip, explore the different facets of these ceremonies to help you understand them.

Marinas for all tastes, choose Madagascar.

Madagascar too has something to offer all you boaters. Browse through some of Madagascar's most popular marinas, including Nosy Be, Mahajanga, Toamasina and Antsiranana, describing their special features and the experiences they offer to travellers. However, be prepared with the necessary documents beforehand.

The endemic fauna of Madagascar

Discover the unique fauna of Madagascar: meet lemurs, birds, reptiles and endemic amphibians! Madagascar protects a variety of animals that are unique in the world. These include birds, lemurs, reptiles and amphibians. They all present a great diversity. Explore these fascinating animals, and opt for the recommended itineraries to meet them.