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The Mysteries and Legends of Lake Tritriva

Nestled in Madagascar's Hautes Terres region, 11 km south of Lac Andrakiba, Lac Tritriva is a popular destination for both locals seeking relaxation and travelers exploring the surrounding area and Antsirabe's attractions. Shrouded in mystery and legend, this lake has a circumference of 4 km. Surrounded by rugged terrain, it can be reached by car or bike via the Betafo road. It's a favored location for local picnics on Sundays. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, cockfights occur here, a tradition that is not always viewed favorably.

The Betsimisaraka people

The Betsimisaraka, whose name means 'those who are many and do not separate' in Malagasy, form one of the largest ethnic groups in the eastern part of Madagascar. Mainly settled from Mananjary to Sambava, they occupy the provinces of Toamasina and Tamatave. Their rich and diverse culture, fascinating history, and contribution to Madagascar's cultural mosaic make them a subject worth exploring in this article.

10 things you should know before coming to Madagascar

Avid travelers and world adventurers, welcome to Madagascar! One of the world's largest islands, the island-continent, the red island: all names that evoke a mosaic of peoples from migrations near and far, but also a unique nature, against a backdrop of many historical and economic reversals. A land of surprises and resourcefulness, here are a few things you absolutely must know before coming to Madagascar.

8 most beautiful safaris in Africa before heading to Madagascar

Struggling to find inspiration for your next trip? Don't worry, Vivy Travel has got you covered with some of the best safari destinations in Africa, perfect as a prelude to the unique wonders of Madagascar. Africa unfolds its natural treasures across numerous national parks and reserves, each meticulously designed for those eager to connect with nature, with each location narrating its unique wildlife story. In this article, we take you on a journey through the continent's most extraordinary safari spots, each promising a distinct and unforgettable adventure."

Baomby: One of the Top Ten Kitesurfing Spots in the World.

According to Red Bull, Baomby, a spot known as the "Emerald Sea Lagoon," stands out as one of the best kitesurfing spots in Madagascar, if not in the world. This exceptional bay, stretching over 12 km and bordered by three paradisiacal islands, offers dreamlike conditions for sliding sports enthusiasts. Compared to iconic locations like Dunkirk for its vastness, Baomby distinguishes itself with its exotic setting and ideal weather conditions, making it a top destination for kitesurfers seeking adrenaline and natural beauty.

Art, a mirror of the soul: Self-expression and revelation of our being

Art is a powerful means of personal expression and a reflection of the artist's identity, a concept magnificently illustrated by Madame Zo's exhibition "Bientôt je vous tisse tous" at Fondation H. This exhibition celebrates the work of Zoarinivo Razakaratrimo, known as Madame Zo, an icon of the Malagasy art scene. Her art, centered on the ancestral Malagasy tradition of weaving, offers a window onto the artist's soul and her vision of the world.

Reduced visa fees

Great news for travelers looking to explore the beautiful island of Madagascar in 2024! The Embassy of Madagascar in France has just announced a reduction in the entry visa fees, offering an economic opportunity for foreign travelers.