Month September 2023

The ultimate guide to navigating the Routes of Madagascar

A dream destination for travellers, Madagascar is a great place for those in search of unique adventures. However, understanding the road infrastructure is essential. A virtual trip to Madagascar brings with it the challenges of the roads. How can you travel safely? Know the destination's roads, see the realities, and know the challenges and wonders around it.

The surprising archaeological discoveries of Madagascar.

Madagascar's rich and complex history deserves to be better known. Yet this island has its rulers, sumptuous palaces, hidden treasures and ancient civilisations that have left their mark in archaeological remains. Researchers have undertaken expeditions to unravel the mysteries of Madagascar, revealing buried treasures and forgotten histories. Recent discoveries are still being made.

The Madagascan spa offers a total escape, allowing you to meditate in complete relaxation.

Welcome to the Malagasy Spa, where well-being takes on a whole new tropical feel. We'll take you on a voyage of discovery through the Malagasy Spa. The modern spa, the traditional massage, the massage with soothing scents, and the secret of natural beauty, all guarantee you an unforgettable sensory escapade. The art of relaxation à la Malgache, with the expertise of our therapists, reveals the confidence of true relaxation.