Month November 2023

Malagasy Serenity, Inner Diving through Yoga and Meditation.

Image par Jessica P. de Pixabay
A yoga and meditation holiday in Madagascar is more than just a tropical escape. It's an invitation to plunge deeply into oneself while surrounded by nature and the island's soothing energy. Madagascar offers an ideal backdrop for inner transformation and complete rejuvenation, for all levels of experience. This decipherment takes you on an exemplary journey to one of the island's centers.

Magic captured at the Musée de Photographie d’Antananarivo.

The Museum of Photography, a cultural treasure trove rich in history, is located in the heart of Madagascar, in Antananarivo. This institution offers a journey immortalizing key moments in Malagasy history. It is a living chronicle. Each theme contributes to a museum experience in its own dedicated space. Facets of Madagascar's history, culture and nature are presented through the prism of photography.

Anjohibe caves

Located 80 km from the town of Mahajanga, the anjohibe caves can be reached via a track crossing savannah and cashew plantations. Take the RN4 towards Ambalakida. This renowned speleological site also offers other tourist attractions. It's well worth staying at least one night (campsites on site). A well-organized tour from the site also takes you through the majestic Mahajamba Bay. The latter, directly after the caves, is well worth a visit for its unrivalled tourist attractions.

Nautical exploration in Madagascar.

Its coastline and waters make Madagascar an ideal location for water sports. From scuba diving to sailing, the island offers a multitude of activities for water sports enthusiasts. You'll get to discover the beauty of Madagascar's coastline while practicing your favorite water sport.