Month July 2023

Discover Madagascar’s hidden animals on a nocturnal walk.

Endemic species have developed in isolation on Madagascar. A nocturnal wlak to meet Madagascar's animals is an experience in a whole new light. Animals that can't be found during the day express themselves at night. Bats, chameleons, lemurs and insects emerge to feed on the hunt. Malagasy nature, a reserve of biodiversity, takes you into another wild context to observe these famous animals.

Horseback riding in Madagascar

Madagascar's hilly landscapes invite you to enjoy a unique equestrian experience. Horseback riding teaches you about Madagascar's flora and fauna. Imagine galloping across beaches, savannahs, rice paddies and valleys sheltering amazing animals. And immerse yourself further in the local community for "cultural exchanges".

Anjajavy le Lodge

If you've opted for Anjanjavy le lodge-Relais et Châteaux, you're on your way to the north-west of Madagascar to experience a "lost world", far removed from city life and the polluted environment of towns and metropolises. On the market since 2010, the Hotel Anjanjavy offers no less than twenty-four (24) villas made of noble woods. Alongside these villas, the hotel's customers each have an eighteen-square-meter (18 m²) terrace for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view at any time of day. Four (4) premium villas are also available for those seeking privacy and intimacy, offering quiet accommodation away from the hotel's other guests. The hotel is set on fifteen hectares (15 ha) of land in the heart of nature, a vast domain of blossoming and well-being for the privileged guests who have chosen Anjanjavy to enjoy their stay in Madagascar.

Constance Tsarabanjina

Choosing the Hôtel Constance Tsarabanjina to make the most of your tourist stay in Madagascar is a very reasonable and profitable choice. This Malagasy tourist establishment can be found in the north-west of the Big Island, where the Mozambique Channel meets. More precisely, Constance Tsarabanjina is located on Nosy Mitsio, a Madagascan archipelago away from urban life and pollution; in spite of this, the tourist offers proposed do not neglect luxury and comfort for the benefit of the clientele. In operation since 2017, our Hotel of the Day offers travel facilitation services by air from Tananarive to Nosy Be, by sea from Nosy Be to Tsarabanjina and by air from La Réunion to Nosy Be. All this to optimize the accessibility and feasibility of the tourist stay of the Hotel's clientele and destination Madagascar.

Masoala Forest Lodge

When you choose Masoala Forest Lodge as your holiday destination in Madagascar, you're choosing to immerse yourself in the great outdoors on the northeast coast of the Big Island. In operation since 2011, Masoala Forest Lodge is located in the Masoala Malagasy National Park, 44 km from Maroantsetra Airport, and can therefore be reached by air, but to compensate for the distance between the airport and the hotel, the latter offers tourists a shuttle service. It is also possible to reach Masoala Forest Loge by road, if you're a fan of the "off-road" experience and thrills, a journey that will take two (2) to three (3) days by road.

Miavana Time and Tide

Since 2014, with its five (5) stars, Hôtel Miavana has been offering an unrivalled quality of service to enjoy the beauty of Madagascar, one of the riches of the African continent. To make the most of it, let's head for the north-west of the island, taking the National Road Five (RN5a) to Vohemar, its host district. Miavana Hotel and Nosy Ankao is an adventure to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. It's an opportunity for ecotourism enthusiasts to rub shoulders with the 360 hectares of primary forest on the islet and the 15,000 hectares of marine heritage that form an integral part of the hotel. We can say that our experience with nature is assured, as we meet the flora and fauna of this part of the Big Island. Aside from that, luxury is also on the agenda, if we're talking about the quality of the fourteen (14) villas that our dear host offers us to spend our stays relaxing and discovering.

Quad safari to meet Madagascar’s exotic animals.

The quad's accessibility and flexibility make it possible to navigate Madagascar's different types of terrain. The experience of being immersed in different landscapes becomes satisfying. Quad biking is special compared to other types of touring. Access to sites is easier, allowing you to plunge deeper into nature. It's also easier to spot emblematic species. In particular sites, lemurs, chameleons, birds, lizards and endemic snakes are among the fauna to be seen and immortalized.

Plan your pirogue expedition across Madagascar’s rivers with complete peace of mind.

Middle West is a very popular destination
For you fans of off-the-beaten-track adventures, canoeing along rivers offers a wealth of opportunities. Imposing rivers meander through breathtaking landscapes. Come aboard and explore the abundant biodiversity, activities and culture of Madagascar. Choose the best time of year for the weather. Learn about the safety rules to be observed downstream of the boat, and the recommended itineraries along the rivers.

Delicious Malagasy menus

In addition to the beaches, exotic landscapes and endemic species, Madagascar's cuisine is well worth exploring. Mingle with Malagasy gastronomic experiences and discover its secrets for unrivalled gustatory memories. Tasty and unique, try the Malagasy specialty dishes served on site, whether traditional, fusion or upscale.