Month October 2023

Exploring Madagascar’s Coffee and Tea Plantations for exquisite sensations.

Madagascar, often referred to as the "island of spices", is a country rich in biodiversity. It also boasts a wide variety of quality agricultural products, including tea and coffee. A visit to these plantations to discover the cultivation, harvesting and production processes reveals all their secrets. You'll explore the specific features of these plantations, the regions involved, and the essential stages of a visit.

On the road to Madagascar’s Giant Baobabs

The quest for Madagascar's giant baobabs invites you on an adventure to uncover these emblematic trees of the island. Their unique growth defies the norm. They are a source of admiration for travelers, botanists and nature lovers alike. Following the trail of these trees, you'll explore the different species of baobab found in Madagascar. You'll be captivated by the legends and myths surrounding them. This journey takes you to little-explored regions of Madagascar. They provide photographers with settings to immortalize these unique natural tableaux.

Snorkelers’ Eden, under Madagascar’s crystal-clear waters.

Snorkeling in Madagascar is an unforgettable adventure. It combines spectacular coral reefs, unique marine biodiversity and captivating Malagasy culture. It's a dream destination for adventure, exploration and the preservation of underwater wonders. Whether you're a beginner snorkeler or a seasoned enthusiast, a number of resorts offer an unrivalled underwater experience. Follow our tips and preparations for a memorable experience.

Travelling to Madagascar on a budget.

When you're traveling to Madagascar on a budget, there are plenty of opportunities to explore while saving money. Recommendations on accommodation, means of transport, restaurants and free activities are all at your fingertips. You'll have plenty of ideas for enjoying your trip without spending a fortune. However, there are a few safety rules to bear in mind.

Explore the Malagasy coast

The Madagascan coast is a treasure trove of sheer cliffs, sandy beaches and hidden cirques. The boat sails slowly along these picturesque shores. Travelers admire the rock formations, sleepy fishing villages and tropical vegetation. Tour operators provide detailed information, including tour adventures. So you can find the itinerary that's right for you. From dhows to pirogues to boats, there are many options to personalize your trip.

Madagascar’s Secret Caves, translating darkness into beauty.

Madagascar, the most captivating tourist destination on the planet, takes you on a journey to explore its secret caves. The island's caves, often overlooked by travelers, are home to a mysterious and fascinating world. Offering an adventure for lovers of nature and exploration, discover the magic of Madagascar's most fascinating caves. But for a wonderful exploration, some guidelines are in order.

The most interesting facts about the baobabs of Madagascar.

Defined as a tropical African tree with a huge trunk, the baobab is an emblematic Madagascan tree. There are eight species of baobab in Africa, six of which are endemic to Madagascar. A majestic and sacred tree, it is also surrounded by many myths due to its very specific appearance. It is profitable, beneficial and attracts the curiosity of many tourists. It is found mainly in the south-west of Madagascar, but also in other regions of the island.