Kivalo, an Ecological Village Looking Towards the Future Amidst Climate Change

In the fight against climate change, the village of Kivalo, located about a dozen kilometers north of Morondava, is betting on ecotourism. Animated by Reggae music and driving their iconic Volkswagen Combi, the eco-guides of Kivalo invite visitors to explore the natural riches of their region, especially the fascinating mangroves that border their village.

8 most beautiful safaris in Africa before heading to Madagascar

Struggling to find inspiration for your next trip? Don't worry, Vivy Travel has got you covered with some of the best safari destinations in Africa, perfect as a prelude to the unique wonders of Madagascar. Africa unfolds its natural treasures across numerous national parks and reserves, each meticulously designed for those eager to connect with nature, with each location narrating its unique wildlife story. In this article, we take you on a journey through the continent's most extraordinary safari spots, each promising a distinct and unforgettable adventure."

Can renting a car with or without a driver be beneficial in Madagascar?

Renting a car in Madagascar can significantly impact the cost and experience of your trip. Whether you opt for a rental with or without a driver, each of these options offers distinct advantages that can influence your travel budget in different ways. This article explores why car rental, in either configuration, can be a smart strategy for saving money while making the most of the island of Madagascar.

Mandrosoa Guest House: A haven of peace for Budget Travelers

Nestled in the vibrant city center of Antananarivo, merely 2 kilometers from the "0" kilometer point that marks the historical heart and the railway station of the capital, lies a true oasis of tranquility and tradition: the Mandrosoa Guest House. This magnificent traditional home, bathed in light and surrounded by a vast, blooming garden, presents an ideal getaway for those looking to combine cultural immersion and serenity, all within a manageable budget.

Baomby: One of the Top Ten Kitesurfing Spots in the World.

According to Red Bull, Baomby, a spot known as the "Emerald Sea Lagoon," stands out as one of the best kitesurfing spots in Madagascar, if not in the world. This exceptional bay, stretching over 12 km and bordered by three paradisiacal islands, offers dreamlike conditions for sliding sports enthusiasts. Compared to iconic locations like Dunkirk for its vastness, Baomby distinguishes itself with its exotic setting and ideal weather conditions, making it a top destination for kitesurfers seeking adrenaline and natural beauty.

Madagascar 2024: Eco-Responsible Immersion in the Heart of the Red Island

Madagascar, with its biodiversity, breathtaking landscapes, and diverse culture, is increasingly asserting itself as a prime destination for travelers seeking authenticity and respect for the environment. In 2024, the Red Island positions itself as an ideal destination for an eco-responsible adventure, combining discovery and preservation. In this article, we invite you to explore ways in which your trip to Madagascar can not only transform you but also positively contribute to the conservation of this magical island and its sustainable development.

Flights operating in Madagascar : International flight information

Madagascar is a popular tourist destination. Lovers of tourism from all over the world dream of visiting and revisiting it. As it is an island, sea and air are the only ways to get there. The latter is, of course, ideal for tourists. It's just as important to know which airlines connect where you're from and where you want to go, as it is to know which hotels you want to stay in. Madagascar is served by several airlines, both local and foreign.

Promoting Madagascan crafts.

Antananarivo, Madagascar - In an unprecedented move to promote the talent and ingenuity of local craftspeople, Madagascar is preparing to host the first edition of the International Handicraft Fair Madagascar (IHM). Announced by Joël Randriamandranto, the Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, at a press conference on 13 February, this event marks a major turning point in the promotion of Madagascan handicrafts on the world stage.

Vivy Travel Madagascar takes part in the Andavabatomaizana-Angavokely reforestation initiative.

As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation, Vivy Travel Madagascar was honoured to participate in the reforestation event organised by ORTANA, which took place yesterday (8 February 2024) on the Andavabatomaizina course in Angavokely. This initiative represents an important step in our efforts to actively contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and the fight against climate change in Madagascar.